Sunday, May 9, 2010

Updated Storyboards 2

So I updated the storyboard with some of the cleaner slides and colored ones.


Newest Animatic Version

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last storyboards

Here is the latest storyboard, working to put into animatic. Need audio first to get timing to match

Monday, March 8, 2010


Im hoping the timing looks right to others i walked it out to figure out the rough timing then adjusted it to look good. I had tried AE cameras and the timing looked nice, but couldn't figure out cameras so since it made animatic look crappy I stuck with stills.

Updated Storyboards

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So working to have my storyboards look better and match the walk through so i can put into an animatic. I should have them done by tonight just need to find a way to scan them guess i can walk over to the dda lol. Then to put into slides and test in E2 tomorrow.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Walk through of story

PrePro Story walk through

The story is gonna be first-person like as if looking through camera glasses. So it opens with the camera looking out over the edge of a stone wall into the river that runs through Providence. The water dark, murky and looks nasty after a sigh the camera turn right and follows the sidewalk for a bit towards a bridge. The bridge is entirely stone, top of the bridge is for cars and the pedestrian walk way runs under the bridge. So the side walk slops down to the walkways entrance, the camera rounds the corner of the entrance and starts to follow the pathway as it ends it curves up and out onto the middle of a different bridge. The environment has changed to that of the wiesbaden, germany looking over the railing into the river it is now nice in blue and clearer, which is to represent the Rhine but in a childish dreamlike way. The camera continues across the bridge now in a slower walk while looking upwards in the direction of the rooftops. At reaching the end of the bridge the camera will look left then right at which it will catch sight of a side-street and proceed right. While walking to the side street and turn on to it the camera is gonna be looking around at the structures in a amazed manor. As the camera proceeds down the side-street it will pass a little outdoor cafe and hear "Éla edó" (greek for Come here, something from my childhood). The camera then pans down to the table to see a copy of my license, which will then start to spin and morph into a copy of my birth certificate. As the camera starts to zoom in, there will be a chime of to signal the hour and the camera will whip up facing down the street. Catch the sight of a standing pole clock the camera will start a run down the street. As the camera continue down the street it will come to an intersection with a street sign one sign will bare the Wiesbaden US military base Crest and another will bare a sign for the Hessan State Theatre. The camera will turn down the street for the theatre, which will cut to the camera coming up to the front of the theatre (which will be out of location more for symbology). As the camera comes to a stop it will start to pan upwards to the roof of the theatre. As the camera comes back down to normal eye level the image will shatter revealing the PPAC and the adjacent buildings. Flashing along the PPAC's screen will be "("something" i forgot the name) art award presentation" with scrolling names with a pause mine will scroll up then stop for a bit before it cuts to the credits the credits.

Real Life References

These References are of the actual Buildings or general area im planning
The first is the State Theater
Then the river in Rhode Island
Last is the PPAC

Structural References

Inspirational References

These first are references from a show, where all the environment is CG


Okay these are the rough ones the ones im working on now are taped down to my desk
Basically it follows the Synopsis except there is more story in the middle where I notice certain symbols or objects. At the moment im planning to have my license, my birth certificate, and the Crest of the US base in Wiesbaden where i was born. I don't know where the license will so up, but i plan to have an object on like a cafe table along the route morph into the birth certificate. Then later have have a sign with the base's crest hanging at like an intersection like a direction plank. The entire thing is gonna be a sort of first person where the character being me never shows any parts of the body.


A childhood dream of seeing the city of my birth becomes pseudo-reality. Upon crossing a bridge over a river in my hometown I end up seeing the world as if I am now in Wiesbaden. Upon reaching the end of my journey (The Hessen State Theater) reality comes crashing back down as the world in front of me shatters revealing the PPAC in Rhode Island.